Squash is a fun sport and you can undoubtedly find a squash club nearby. The sizes of squash clubs vary and the number of squash courts varies. In the outer areas, the individual squash club has a few squash courts, where you find squash clubs with many squash courts in the big cities. You can choose to play squash for fun, with your friends and in many squash clubs you can choose to meet up on different club nights.
In this way, squash is an attractive sport as most squash clubs are flexible and you can book times that fit your calendar without having to spend time on the club life.

Once you have found a squash club that suits you, you can usually sign up online and do everything from home. With us you can order the squash equipment you need, and then it's just about getting on the squash court.

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When you meet other players in the squash club, you will quickly get different inputs about the equipment they use. A good advice is, start at the sensible end of the scale. When you've spent some time on the squash court, so you can develop quickly your playing style, and you can buy expensive squash equipment then.

Also, remember that in many fitness centers and squash clubs, you can book courses on an hourly basis. This will be a sensible solution if you are brand new or if you only want to play a few times.

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