Zateq Slope 8 Snowboard

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Zateq Slope 8 Snowboard. An absolute top class snowboard. Made in flex 8, and like all other Zateq snowboards, with 100% real wood core. Zateq Slop 8 has a core that is glued in poplar wood, with inserted bamboo reinforcements in a specific cross-section, giving an extremely rigid and stable core. The core is reinforced in a carbon fiber reinforced epoxy coating that keeps the weight down, giving a rigid construction. It also means torsion is minimized, and therefore Zateq Slope 8 is a snowboard intended for the snowboarder who wants to drive fast. With vibrations equal to zero and a grip in the ice that's amazing, you'll have to go long to find a snowboard that is as stable as Slope 8. You notice it especially in situations where you accidentally turn too fast. Zateq Slope 8 quickly gets a grip on the ice again.

Absolutely a top snowboard for professional and advanced snowboarders.

Available in lengths 153 and 157 cm.

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