Wilson BLX Surge Squash Racket

Wilson BLX Surge Squash Racket

Wilson BLX Surge Squash Racket




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Wilson Surge BLX squash racket is synonymous with stability and a prefekt sense of ball control, while it has a unique design.
These squash racquets are Wilson's response to Dunlop's dominant position when it comes to squash rackets with consummate control characteristic.
With the special grommet system, Articulated Grommet Technology, Wilson is able to increase the size of the sweetspot, which gives even better control and precision.
With the addition of basalt fiber, a volcanic material, BLX technology has hit through as a hit, and with strong and stable frames, these are a great investment in your game.
Main size: 500 cm2
Frame weight: 143 grams
String pattern: 14 x 18
Strings: Wilson Synthetic Gut
Balance: Headlight

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