Terms and conditions

SQUASHGEARpro is an on-line supplier of racketsports equipment for private consumers, which supplies a range of quality rackets and sports equipment primarily to the Scandinavian market, as well as SQUASHGEARpro are distributing ZATEQ Unlimited Sports Equipment for B2B customers. In this way, it is possible to keep costs at a level that provides highly advantageous prices for the customers.

We are able to accept B2B customers by appointments at our office location, but for all private consumer sales, we refer to On-line business.

Online Business:

SQUASHGEARpro sells according to the distance selling regulations and accepts returns on all products as long as they are returned unused and in original packaging. SQUASHGEARpro is approved by NETS and we accept payments, such as Mastercard and Visa.

At SQUASHGEARpro we have made up with the lucrative internet shops. We only sell the products we stock, and therefore your order can be processed as soon as payment is registered, which is an important point in our strategy. At SQUASHGEARpro, we have between 8,000 and 10,000 rackets in stock, distributed on more than 250 different models.


All product specifications are given based on the best estimates and supplier information, but may vary from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer. Some manufacturers supply the total weight of rackets and others just gives the raw frame weight. In order to facilitate comparison, we always try to use the frame weight as data, but can not guarantee the exact weight. Similarly, color and size may vary from some manufacturers.

Photos may differ in some cases and can not be used to rate accurate colors or current sizes, and may only be considered as indicative. It is always the relevant product description that applies.

All products are subject to the Purchase Act's provisions on a 24-month warranty.

General Trade Regulations.

The following terms of sale and delivery are valid and are subject to sales of goods sold, price changes and any errors.

Pricing. All prices are quoted incl. 25% VAT.

For delivery to non EU countries, including Norway, the Danish VAT will be deducted, and the price paid at checkout is the price without Danish VAT. Upon arrival at the destination, the specific rules apply to the recipient country regarding customs duties.

For Norway, the Danish VAT is deducted, but the customer will be charged Norwegian VAT according to current rules.

Commitment and invitation to make an offer.

All items listed and orders at SQUASHGEARpro are an invitation to make an offer. When we receive this, we consider the payment and the booking. The order and reservation should not be considered as a final confirmation of the order and we reserve the right to reject the order. You will receive an order confirmation as a sign that we have received your offer to buy our goods. We will then review the payment as well as the order and, if accepted, you will receive a confirmation of the dispatch of your order. Your order is therefore valid only and finally accepted at the time of shipment.


Delivery of the goods occurs when payment is registered and approved. At checkout, the order amount is reserved on the customers card, but it is not until the goods are dispatched, that it is drawn.  If the goods against expectations is sold out or backordered, the customer will be notified accordingly and if it can not be delivered within a reasonable time, the customer may choose to cancel the purchase. It also applies, that the customer may, at any time before the item is processed, cancel the purchase without being responsible for return costs. As customer you have the right to return any item with 30 days of receipt. You may notify within 30 days that you want to return the item and physically ship this to us within resonable time afterwards. If the customer chooses to return the goods, the full amount will be refunded. The customer is liable for the return costs, whether this happens by the customer himself arranging transport or refusing receipt of the package. In this case, the actual cost that SQUASHGEARpro will pay for the return fee will be charged.

Delivery of goods is deemed to have taken place after the consumer has received the goods, which means that the risk of the goods will only be handed over when the customer receives the package from the courier. Until then, SQUASHGEARpro is responsible for the goods.

After the parcel is shoipped, a tracking number will be assigned to all orders. If the customer does not receive the package within the expected time, the customer must immediately inform SQUASHGEARpro of this. If the customer receives his goods with clear transport damage, the customer must promptly notify the courier and either refuse receipt of the goods and make SQUASHGEARpro aware of this.

Should the case arise where the goods are lost or damaged during transport, SQUASHGEARpro reserves the right to await the decision from the carrier before substitute goods or refund the amount.

The customer is under an obligation to check the order confirmation that the correct recipient 

and recipient information has been given. In cases where the package can not be delivered, the customer is liable for the return costs associated with this, all according to the distance selling regulation.

Depending on destination, there will be an estimated delivery of 1-7 days, depending on potential custom delays.


Any issues must be communicated in a timely manner after the error has been discovered. The customer is obliged, upon request, to detect defects and the manner in which the product's functionality is impaired.

The products are covered by warranty against manufacturing defects. All claims must be submitted to SQUASHGEARpro. SQUASHGEARpro reserves the right to send the products to the manufacturer for a decision regarding doubtful issues. As the squash sport naturally requires contact with the floor and wall, all fractures are submitted to the manufacturer for a decision.

The products must be submitted in the original condition, as far as this is relevant to the complaint. SQUASHGEARpro can not handle complaints about external modifications of the equipment, outside the control of SQUASHGEARpro.


You can pay with Dankort and E-Dankort and by credit card, such as VISA and Mastercard. All items purchased on this page are subject to European rules and therefore no import duties are required as long as supplied in the EU. The prices given on the page are the amounts deducted on the credit card, plus shipping costs.

Right of withdrawal.

SQUASHGEARpro gives 30 days right of withdrawal, valid from the day you receive your goods. You are required to return the item in unused condition and in original packaging. This means that the seal of squash rackets must not be broken, nor can it be accepted if strings are marked by playing, etc. as it will subsequently be considered a used product. It is very important that all our customers have the assurance that the purchased goods are of the highest quality and condition. If the goods are used, they will not be accepted. The cost of forwarding and responsibility rests with the customer. If, due to special circumstances, an exception is granted for this (use the Contact page for this), a copy of this confirmation must be sent.

The total purchase amount incl. Shipping freight is refunded to the card used for payment, usually within 4-8 days.

Extended Right of withdrawal at christmas.

At SQUASHGEARpro, we offer extended right to return for the Christmas month each year. Then you can book your Christmas purchases in good time without any problems for those who receive them. All items purchased in November and December - may be returned or exchanged until end of January in accordance with our normal terms of cancellation.Return.

Returns are made at the buyer's own risk, as well as the cost of this. All items purchased from SQUASHGEARpro, which are requested to be returned, are returned to a Danish address.

IMPORTANT: For non-collected packages delivered to non EU countries, including Norway, a return fee of DKK 526.00 will be added, as well as Freight and, if applicable, Customs clearance, are not refundable. This is the cost that SQUASHGEARpro holds for return, clearance from the recipient country, and clearance in Denmark.

For return of non-collected packages in EU countries, the actual return cost is charged up to EUR 33.50 depending on package size, weight and destination.

In Denmark, the return cost for a parcel is DKK 49.00 as Business parcels are DKK 65.00.

According to the distance selling regulation the Customer is responsible for the return costs.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will come into force with immediate effect as of May 25, 2018 for existing customers as well as new customers. This Privacy Policy replaces all previous versions.

Section 1. General

The Personal Data Policy describes how SQUASHGEARpro collects, uses, passes and stores your personal information.

SQUASHGEARpro puts great importance to the careful handling of personal data and we therefore treat personal information with the utmost caution.

We follow the guidelines of data protection legislation / GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation):

that we clearly make our customers aware of the purpose of our processing of personal data.
that we limit our registration of personal data to information necessary for legal purposes.
that in certain cases, we may ask for your explicit permission to process your personal information.
that we respect your right to gain insight into your personal information and to request them to be corrected or deleted.

Section 2. Responsible for personal information

SQUASHGEARpro is responsible for your privacy and the handling of this information is in accordance with the law. We only pass on information to the following:

Shipping Company: Name, Address, Phone Number, Package Weight (In case of customs clearance, the purchase invoice is handed over)

Payment provider: Order amount for processing credit card payment. Credit card payment is handled by Bambora and SQUASHGEARpro does not have access to your credit card information.

Google Analytics: Regional infor

mation based on ip address for statistics usage.

SECTION 3. We process this personal information about you

When you use our website, we record some information about you. We only ask for personal information as part of the requested services. The information we collect is as follows:

Contact Information, Billing Address, Phone Number, Email Address
order History
Customer number, login information
IP address, device information, geographic information for google analytics

SECTION 4. Therefore, we process information about you

4.1 Creation as a customer

The use of SQUASHGEARpro assumes that you first create an account as a customer so that you can follow your order, print invoice and view previous orders. After signing up, we will save your entered personal details under the chosen username, password protected. We also store this information so that we can contact you as part of our obligation of the Agreement.

We do not disclose the information associated with your username to third parties unless it is necessary to comply with the agreement you enter into with us or if required by law.

4.2 Processing your order

When you place an order for us, we will process it using your personal information. When ordering at SQUASHGEARpro, we send your delivery address to the delivery company to fulfill the agreement. If you order goods outside of an EU country, we are obliged to disclose information about the products purchased to the shipping company for use in customs clearance.

4.3 Sensitive information

We do not collect and do not treat personally sensitive information, such as gender, CPR numbers, birthdays, religion, and the like.

4.4 Newsletter

We offer a newsletter in which we inform about our products and / or services. By default, the newsletter is disabled when you register as a customer. You must actively enable this. You can change this in your account at any time.

Section 5. Insight and deletion of personal information

You may request us to delete your personal information and account at any time.

Section 6. Transmission to third parties

We can pass your information to our business partners. These collaborators help to fulfill the agreement, limited to the freight company, the payment processing, and statistics for google.

Section 7. Cookies

Our website uses cookies.

Section 8. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics (GA) and anonymous visit data sent to Google. Google uses the collected information for page statistics and no personal information is disclosed.

Section 9. Security, encryption (SSL)

SQUASHGEARpro uses encrypted connections (SSL, secure sockets layer) to protect all exchange of information.