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Squash glasses are an important part of your squash equipment. Squash glasses will reduce the risk of serious eye damage. Squash can be a dangerous sport if your eye comes into direct contact with a squash ball. In difficult cases, the unfortunate squash player who does not use squash glasses may lose sight. Therefore, you should always consider using squash glasses, especially as a starting squash player. Squash glasses protects you from a stray squash ball and squash glasses lets you furthermore follow the game without having to run the high risk of serious injury.

When choosing squash glasses, there are a few things that you can be aware of. The primary is that they live up to the EN standard around personal protective equipment. Squash glasses should be designed so that they have a non-shatter polycarbonate glass. This means that they are not splintered, like the glasses should be able to hold a drop test, without disintegrating. In addition, there are a number of comfortable things, such as visibility and anti-dew. If you play with squash glasses, and often feel unclear due to sweat, consider using a sweat band. This is a good combination when using squash glasses, as the sweat band will prevent the sweat from flowing into the glasses on the sqaush glasses.