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Huge selection of squash bags. Here you will find exactly the squash bag that suits you. Are you the squash player who wants to bring all your squash rackets to the squash club, or are you just looking for a less practical squash bag for a few individual rackets, then you will find it here.

We carry squash bags from all leading manufacturers. Buy your Wilson, Head, Dunlop, Prince, Tecnifibre or Zateq squash bag. A squash bag is extremely practical, as you avoid the hassle of always having to assemble your equipment. The bag keeps track of everything, from your squash balls, squash shoes, towels and the like.

The very large bags contain up to 12-15 squash rackets. A medium-sized squash bag contains about 9 rackets, where the smaller and practical ones hold 3-6 squash rackets.

A Wilson squash bag will usually be denoted by a number that reveals how many rackets it contains.

The product series from Head is called normal combi, supercombi and monstercombi, which covers the sizes. Head Monstercombi holds up to 15 rackets, and is usually divided into 3 compartments. Supercombi contains 9 rackets, whereas the smaller combi takes about 6 squash rackets.

Tecnifibre squash bags usually use a number to indicate the size of the bag. For example, 9 indicates that the bag may contain 9 rackets. Tecnifibre also manufactures the rackpack models, which are targeted at those players who seriously use the bag as a tool. They are extremely ingeniously constructed, and have room for everything.

Many manufacturers use Thermoforing of their racket bags, simply to protect your equipment from extreme heat and temperature fluctuations. There are 2 advantages to it, namely that the tension is kept uniform, and that the life of your squash strings is significantly longer. In squash, Thermo lining is hardly as mandatory as in tennis, where the bag is outdoors. Most larger bags, from 6s upwards, are equipped with double harnesses, which means that they can be worn on the back. This is especially handy if you choose to ride with your squash bag.

If you are the squash player who only wants to bring the most necessary, and a single or 2 squash rackets, then you can consider whether your next squash bag should just be a backpack. The small backpacks contain one or 2 upright squash rackets, and some equipment such as balls and glasses, where the slightly larger backpacks can be fitted with external pockets, and provide a little more options. This type of bag is especially useful if you cycle back and forth to the squash court.