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Squash grip is an important part of your equipment. A good grip is important to your game. A worn or damaged squash grip, will cause your performance to drop significantly. If you use your squash grip for too long, or if you use a bad grip, you will need more effort to hold your squash racket. This could in the worst case result in overload or damage. With a fresh and new grip for your squash racket, you can concentrate.

There are many different types of grip that can be used as a squash grip. There are 2 fundamental models, namely replacement grip and over-grip.

Replacement is a type of grip that is characterized by a thickness between 1.5 - 1.9 mm. The replacement grip is provided with tape on the back and is therefore self-adhesive. When installing the replacement grip, it is recommended to remove the old grip first. Many squash players, who are looking for a thicker grip for different reasons, tend to attach 2 grips on each other. We do not recommend this because 2 thick pieces of resilient material on top of each other can quickly twist, which in turn will require you to use more effort to hold your squash racket. If you find mentally want a thicker grip, so you should dismantle the old grip and wrapping tight layers of aluminstape or duct tape around the handle of your squash racket. This increases the thickness, and at the same time you get a solid surface to mount your new squash grip.

The thickness of your replacement grip means a part of the absorbency. The thicker the grip, the better and more expensive the grip, but also significantly better ability to absorb the sweat. The best-selling standard grip is Karakal PU squash grip that has a thickness of 1.8 mm. It has a nice sticky surface that helps you when it's cold and when heated and you start sweating, it has a good absorbency. Zateq X-Tac is similar and has a multi-layer PU surface and is one of the thickest grips on the market with 1.9 mm. This ensures superb comfort and performance for your squash grip. The surface is very Tacky, which means you get a good grip.

Tecnifibre delivers its Absolute Series of Squash Grip, which is also 1.9 mm, a great grip that is in line with the usual Tecnifibre quality. Tecnifibre squash grip is no exception. There are many similar squash grips. Head Ultra Tac, Wilson Micro Dry are just examples of high quality squash grips we have. It will often be a matter of preference, which squash grip the individual squash player swings to.

Overgrip is thin grip, which is normally wound on the existing grip. They have a thinner surface, and the PU layer is often thinner than by replacement grip. Overgrip is mostly used for the player who wants a thicker squash grip without removing the original grip first.