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We provide a huge selection of squash balls for all types of squash players. We carry squash balls primarily from the manufacturers Dunlop and Wilson. Dunlop is the leading manufacturer of squash balls, and the balls from Dunlop has a good bounce, and is a special knowhow Dunlop has built over many years. Recently WIlson entered the market with Wilson Staff squash balls, which is certainly a very good alternative to Dunlop, and even the experienced squash player will not be able to feel the immediate difference between these two. Squash balls are divided into 4 types, blue, red, single yellow dot and double yellow dot. The blue type (Max or Intro for Dunlop) is the ball that has the fastest bounce, followed by the red dot (Dunlop Progress). These two types are suitable for beginners. Next comes the ball with a single yellow dot used by casual players and good club players who still provides a nice match, followed by the double dot ball, which is the squash ball with minimum bounce, which is used for intermediate and tournament players.