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Squash equipment, squash racket, squash balls, squash bags, squash glasses, squash strings and squash clothes. Everything that the serious squash player needs you will find with us. Here you can find just the squash racket or squash bag you need. We sell a huge selection of squash equipment from the leading manufacturers on the market, Dunlop, Wilson, Head, Prince, Tecnifibre, Karakal and Zateq.

Our stock of squash equipment includes a huge selection of squash grips, where you can definitely find the grip that suits you. We sell squash grips from all the leading manufacturers.

Worth knowing when choosing squash equipment:

As a starting point, there are some basic things about squash equipment that you should know. Are you starting to squash, then you need a squash racket, squash balls and possibly some squash shoes. We have a huge selection of squash rackets, but as a start you do not despair because there are only a few features that you should look for. A good advice as a new start: Do not use a fortune on an expensive graphite squash racket before you feel how close you are to the wall and how hard you hit. Likewise, you can not take advantage of the potential of an expensive squash racket. It gives you everything from an Aluminum squash racket, to a real Carbon racket. If you choose the last one, consider the frame weight from about 150 grams. The learning curve is steep so you quickly become a good squash player and acquire a unique game style, after which you can choose a better squash racket to match it.

As a starting squash player you have to choose squash equipment for the first time, you will be confused by the various squash balls. Squash balls are available in primarily 4 colors. The blue squash ball and the 2-yellow squash squash are the extremes. The blue ball jumps the most and it gives you more time to reach it.

When talking about squash equipment, you can not omit squash shoes. In principle, you do not need shoes that are marketed as squash shoes. You can use most indoor shoes that provide a good start and grip while at the same time they have a good support. It is important that the shoes are not slippery or that you feel the shoe is too soft, which can make you slip into the shoe.