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Head is a company located in Austria which produce squash rackets in a very fine quality, and is in many ways superior technically. Head has for many years been at the forefront, and spent much money on research in different materials and new technologies. Head has produced many classics that today still sell as reproductions. A good example of such a squash racket is Head i.110 and microgel 125.
Head has produced Squash rackets in the Metallix material, which is a nanostructure that is very strong, and microgel which for years was one of the leading materials. Recently squash rackets from Head is produced in the YouTek series, and here they use, for example. d3o material, which is a variant of a smart material, wherein the response curve is not linear. Head produced earlier Squash rackets in a similar material, which they called Intelligence. The absolute latest series from Head is the Graphene technology.

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