RSL Diamond X8 Silver badminton racket

RSL Diamond X8 Silver badminton racket

RSL Diamond X8 Silver badminton racket




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RSL Diamond X8 Silver badminton racket. One of the top models from RSL. Diamond X8 Silver is a badminton racket that will appeal to the demanding elite player, or just the badminton player who is looking for the best. It is made of the finest materials, with recognized technologies from RSL, which provide a rigid and responsive construction, as well as a frame that resists demanding strings. This includes RSL Pulse EX as well as an increased frame height, which provides a better moment of inertia. This significantly improves the durability of the frame. RSL Diamond X8 Silver has a frame weight of 82 grams and a balance of 293 mm, which results in a badminton racket which is characterized by power, but which also provides good control for the technical game. The flexible shaft provides power, and helps you as a player to find a more controlled turn, or achieve the same power at a lower speed. This will be an unconditional advantage for the player who does not already hit quite hard, or who needs to send the ball to the back line.

Technical specifications:
Frame weight: 82 grams
Balance: 293 mm
Flex: Flexible

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