RSL Diamond X8 Gold badminton racket

RSL Diamond X8 Gold badminton racket

RSL Diamond X8 Gold badminton racket




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RSL Diamond X8 Gold badminton racket. Again one of the top models from RSL in the Diamond series. Diamond X8 Gold is a badminton racket that provides ultimate power. Compared to the Silver model, it has a heavier same, and is constructed with medium flex. This is good news for the hard-hitting badminton player. A medium flex means that you get a relatively good whipping effect in the racket, while at the same time it does not deflect completely with hard smashes. It is, like most RSL badminton rackets, made of the finest materials, with recognized technologies from RSL. Examples of technologies used in the Diamond series are RSL Pulse EX and an increased frame height, which provides a better moment of inertia. This significantly improves the durability of the frame and allows it to be strung with a harder weight. A perfect badminton racket for the aggressive and offensive player.

Technical specifications:

Frame weight: 87 grams
Balance: 290 mm
Flex: Medium
Max String: 13 kg

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