RSL Nova 8888 Badminton racket

RSL Nova 8888 Badminton racket

RSL Nova 8888 Badminton racket




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RSL Nova 8888 badminton racket. A badminton racket with power. It has a relatively light and aerodynamic frame, stiff flex and a large sweetspot. It provides a quick racket and minimal deflection, resulting in maximum energy transfer to the ball. The fast badminton player will definitely appreciate the RSL Nova 8888. Super Light Modulus and Anti Twist are a few of the technologies that can be mentioned. An excellent technically stable badminton racket for the player at the intermediate level up to the elite player who does not compromise on quality.

Comes with strings from the factory.

Technical specifications:

Frame weight: 78-80 grams
Balance: 305 mm
Flex: Stiff
Max. strings: 13 kg

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