Prince Falcon Padel Racket

Prince Falcon Padel Racket

Prince Falcon Padel Racket



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Prince Falcon Padel Racket. Absolutely top model when it comes to Padel. This Padel Racketis packed with technology and experience. An experience that Prince has gained over many years as one of the leading suppliers of Tennis equipment.
With its diamond shape, it is a Padel Racketwhich has a distinct power characteristic, but in combination with the Carbon surface and EVA foam, it is at the same time relatively forgiving.

Prince utilizes Triple Threat technology, which are built-in stabilizers, to achieve a perfect balance. Of other technologies, V-Core should be mentioned, which provides a stable and rigid frame, just as 24K Carbon is used for the surface, which gives sublime hits.

Spin make a play with the Shot Spin technology, which lies in the surface structure. In collaboration with Power Core, you get ample opportunity to model your strokes.

EVA Core and AHS technology provide a sublime hit. Definitely one of the best on the market right now within Padel Rackets.

Weight: 355-370 grams
Balance: Heavy head
Frame: Carbon
Surface: 24 K Carbon

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