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Zateq Strike 3 Carbon Padel Racket. If you are looking for the ultimate in reading this specification. Strike 3 Padel Racket from Zateq is made in Carbon frame, with 12K Carbon impact surface. This ensures maximum response from the EVA core. The primary response and technology lies at the core of a Padel Racket. To make optimal use of the EVA core, it is important to ensure maximum contact. This is done by manufacturing the impact surface in Carbon, as HM-Carbon has a higher strength than eg fiberglass. This means that less material and resin must be used, and therefore you get the feeling that you hit directly in the responsive EVA core which is embedded in a Strike 3.

Strike 3 is constructed with round geometry, which means that the center of gravity is in the middle of the battle surface, which gives a forgiving Padel Racket with extreme control.

The responsive EVA core will appeal to the player who does not hit hard, and offer a sublime help.

The hole pattern is chosen to complement the main shape, and aims for forgiveness in all directions, which increases the trampoline effect.

Definitely a Padel Racket in excellent quality in the best materials, at a very reasonable price.

Weight: 360 Grams

EVA: Soft

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