Zateq Extreme 12 Carbon Padel Racket



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Zateq Extreme 12 Carbon Padel racket. The Extreme Pro series are the top models, made of 12K Carbon. Absolutely the finest material chosen. HM Carbon is used to provide strength and minimize the thickness of the impact surface, giving a sublime response from the EVA core. Extreme 12 is made with a relatively hard core, which is optimal for the power player.

The diamond shape of the Extreme 12 means that the center of gravity is high, which gives a concentrated sweetspot and absolute power.

The Zateq Extreme frame use the Wide-Throat principle, and thus maximum energy is transferred to the foam, which provides a perfect response.

If you are looking for a top class Padel racket, then you should try a Zateq Padel racket.

Technical specifications:


Weight: 375 grams

Profile: 38 mm

Diamond Shape

PU Grip


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