Zateq Nuke 10 Carbon Padel Racket



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Zateq Nuke 10 Carbon Padel racket. With its drop-shaped head, the Zateq Nuke combines 10 power with control. Besides being a perfect power Padel racket, the Nuke 10 provides a good element of control. Definitely for the All-Round player who is looking for a real Carbon Padel racket.

Nuke 10 is made with 12K impact surface and HM-Carbon frame, which ensures that you get maximum response from the EVA core. The EVA core is medium hard, and therefore gives the player extra power, while the hard-hitting player will benefit from it. Nuke 10 is forgiving but at the same time Powerful, and therefore it appeals to virtually all Padel players who do not want to compromise.

Definitely a top Padel racket from Zateq.

Technical specifications:

Weight: 365 grams

HM Carbon:

Tear Drop

EVA: Medium

PU Grip

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