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Zateq XPS120MF squash trings - 3 rolls of 200m

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Zateq XPS120MF Strings - 3 rolls of 200m. Here you will get 600 meters of genuine multifilament string in microfiber core.

A great string with the same properties as the great power strings on the market. Zateq delivers an offer you can not refuse. 
XPS is Zateqs power string and delivers real power and transfers more energy into the ball and enogh spin to model the ball.

Buy these 3 rolls and pay only for 2.
Do not you know the Zateq strings? - We promise that they will live up to your expectations. Should you, contrary to expectations, have been stringing your rackets and want to cancel your purchase, you can return the 2 unused rolls, and we will then refund the price corresponding to 1.5 rolls (you pay only 50% of the first roll in that case). Can you say no to that?