Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS 2015 Squash Racket

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Without discernment

Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS Squash Racket 2015. The latest 2014/2015 topmodel from Dunlop improved on many points. The experienced squash playr will recognise the unique properties of the previous Ultimate, but the new model adds another element, that is the shaft design that comes with the GTS models and the almost friction free MOS2 grommets. BIO-fibre technologi has been used to reduce vibrations with up to 18% compared to teh previous model. Additional the new Ultimate GTS has teh technologies from teh previous model as well, such as Aeroskin for reduced air resistance etc. A squash racket for teh absolute top that seeks a brilliant control racket that has a good element of power as well.

  • Weight: 132 gram
  • Construction: Premium Graphite
  • Stringpattern: 16 x 18
  • Headsize: 500 cm2
  • Balance: Head light