New Padel racket from Zateq

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New Padel racket from Zateq

Zateq Nuke 10 Padel racket.

Zateq Nuke 10 is a paddle racket that is worth taking an extra look at. Made of Carbon, with a carbon impact surface and a sharp design, it is an eye-catcher.

Zateq Nuke 10 padel bat

The actual geometry of this paddle racket is Hybrid, which means that the center of gravity begs a bit higher than with the traditional round paddle bat. Nuke 10 therefore gets a nice all-round characteristic, and will without problems be able to meet the needs of most paddle players.

The foam core is made of medium EVA, which gives a good response and which helps the player to generate speed in the ball.

If you are a newer paddle player and have to choose between the many different models, you should consider the hybrid bat as the good average paddle racket. It can do most things, and this also applies to the Zateq Nuke 10.

You can buy Zateq Nuke 10 here in the shop


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